Itchy Goats?

12-21-17 2:0 PM by tillemavetclinic
Itchy Goats?

Is your goat itching, scratching, and restless? Are there bald spots, raw areas and a dull course hair coat?

Your cloven hooved friend could have lice, but don't panic.. they are species specific, so you don't need to worry about becoming itchy yourself. Lice are basically broken down into two categories; biting and sucking. Biting lice feed on dead hair and skin, where as sucking lice feed on your goats blood. You can find biting lice around the base of the tail, in the armpit (axillary) areas, as well as along the back and neck. Sucking lice will feed anywhere that is convenient or accessible and can cause anemia in heavy infestations.

How did my goat get lice in the first place? Well, if you have introduced new goats to your herd, chances are they brought these little troublemakers with them to your place. Lice are transmitted though direct contact with an infested animal and are generally worse in the winter months. If you are planning on bringing new goats into your herd, it's advised to quarantine the new animals and have them examined by a vet.

Ok, now that my goat is diagnosed with do I get rid of them? Depending on the type of lice that your pet is infected with changes the treatment protocol. Most cases are treated with a simple injection and then another booster injection in two weeks. To be completely sure what kind of lice your dealing with, we suggest making an appointment for a physical exam for your goat.