5 Fall Pet Tips

#1: Beware of the wind!

Pets can accidentally get out through doors and gates that have been pushed open by heavy winds. These winds can also knock down yard decor, which can break and hurt your pet’s paws if they step on it. Debris flying in the air could also land on your pets, and smaller debris could even cause eye injury. We recommend keeping your pets indoors or in a secure area when it is windy. In Southern California, winds can also create fire hazards. If you live in an area where this can be a problem, ensure to have an evacuation plan for you and your pets.

#2: Don’t forget to update your pet’s I.D. tags and microchip information.

Sometimes tags can fade making it hard to read. Replacing these tags yearly not only ensures they are clear it also gives you the chance to update any changes to your phone number etc. Don’t forget to also update your pet’s microchip information. If you have moved, you want to add an additional person to the account, etc.

#3: Beware of fleas and ticks.

It is flea and tick season in Southern California. Your pet can easily pick these up while on walks, hikes, or if they roll around on the autumn leaves. Ensure your pet is on a yearly flea and tick preventative to help protect them from bites and infectious disease fleas and ticks can carry.

#4: Maintain your pet’s grooming.

Though you may have your pet’s hair clipped shorter in the summer, you should still maintain their grooming during the cooler months. Maintenance bathing and brushing of coat can help reduce tangles, help with shedding, and help keep your pet’s hair and skin healthy. Maintenance nail trimming, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression are also recommended. Call your groomer at the beginning of fall to book all your holiday grooming as they fill up fast.

#5: Fall holidays including Halloween and Thanksgiving often mean treats, decorations, and guests.

Along with chocolate and some candy being toxic to pets, there are other hazards like bones, fruits, and some vegetables that pets can get into. Ensure trash bags, plates, candy bags, etc., are kept away from your pets. Fun holiday decorations can also become choking hazards for some curious pets. Keep these out of your pet’s reach. Guests coming over to visit may make your pets nervous. Always ensure to introduce your pets to guests and if needed, use calming aids on your pets to help reduce their anxiety.