In-House Labs

In-House Labs

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At Tillema Veterinary Clinic in Corona, we take great pride in our in-house laboratory services. With our state-of-the-art equipment and expert team, we are able to provide quick, accurate, and reliable diagnostic results for your beloved furry friend. Learn more today.


Why Invest in In-House Labs?

Having an in-house laboratory is a significant advantage for both our veterinary team and our clients. It allows us to have complete control over the diagnostic process, reducing the turnaround time for results and enabling prompt decision-making regarding your pet's treatment.


What to Expect With In-House Labs

Our in-house laboratory is fully equipped with advanced technology, allowing us to perform a wide range of diagnostic tests. From blood work to urinalysis, fecal exams, and cytology, we can conduct various tests right on-site, without the need for outsourcing. This saves valuable time, ensuring that our clients receive the results they need in a timely manner.


Our High Standards

Not only do we offer a wide range of tests, but we also maintain the highest standards of quality in our laboratory. Our skilled technicians adhere to strict procedures and utilize the latest techniques to ensure accurate and reliable results. We understand the importance of precision when it comes to diagnosing and treating pets, and our in-house lab allows us to achieve just that.


Our Promise to You

At Tillema Veterinary Clinic, we believe that having an in-house laboratory is crucial in providing exceptional veterinary care. We are dedicated to delivering quick and accurate diagnostic results to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of our patients. Trust us to provide the highest standards of care through our advanced in-house laboratory services.


When you choose Tillema Veterinary Clinic, a local veterinary clinic in Corona, you are choosing a team that is committed to the health and well-being of your pets. Visit us today to experience the convenience, speed, and accuracy of our in-house laboratory services. We are here for you and your furry companions every step of the way.

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