Microchipping Your Pet

We love it when we see pets reunited with their owners due to pets having a microchip. Because collars with tags can sometimes break, fall off, or info on the tag becomes illegible, we recommend also microchipping your pets. If your pet is found and brought into our office, a shelter, or another pet organization, they will be scanned. If your pet is chipped and the chip is registered, we will be able to call the chip company and retrieve your information. We can then call you and get you reunited right away. We recommend updating your information on your pet’s microchip yearly to ensure new phone numbers, addresses, etc., are current. Most microchips are universal, so they can be traced all over the United States and Europe. It is the only truly permanent method of pet identification. It is placed like a vaccine in between the shoulder blades, and it is quick and painless. The microchip will last a lifetime, and it is one of the best chances for your pet to be returned to you if found. We help register your pet’s microchip on the same day it was placed. Call us for further information.